Thursday, 25 February 2016

Teresa Susmaras - The Storied History of Suffolk University

Suffolk University is located in the heart of Boston, with the Boston Commons at its front door.  This distinguished university has a long history of providing excellent educational opportunities with the all the culture and amenities of historic Boston as a backdrop.

Suffolk University was born when Gleason L. Archer was loaned the funds to complete the study of law. In 1906, Archer opened the Suffolk School of Law, which offered men the opportunity to work during the day and study law in the evening, making the pursuit of education a reality for the working class.  Soon after, Archer moved the location of the school to central downtown where his law offices were located.  The move made the school even more accessible to students and eventually led to partnerships with both businesses and the government. By the 1930’s, the school was the largest law school in the country.

The College of Arts and Sciences was established in 1934 and in 1937 the College of Business Administration (currently the Sawyer Business School) was founded.  In 1937, the three academic entities were merged to form Suffolk University.  The initial night school idea was eventually expanded to include traditional offerings of part and full time programs leading to a multitude of degrees.
Teresa Susmaras attended Suffolk University earning both a Masters and a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology.  With her Suffolk education as a backdrop, Susmaras now works as a clinical neuropsychologist at one of the largest medical facilities in Wisconsin.